Meal Plan: European dishes

A week of breaking out of my comfort zone with some dishes from around Europe actually went surprisingly well. Most of the dishes are quite heavy so definitely eat this meal plan when the weather is cooler.

My unfortunate timing meant I ate this meal in the hottest week the UK has had so far. If you give this a try, I hope your timing is more fortunate than mine!!


Breakfast: Smazenice ~ Czech Republic
Lunch: Cinnamon bun and oat latte ~ Sweden
Dinner: Baked fish and mixed vegetables ~ Iceland


Breakfast: Pytt i panna ~ Scandinavia
Lunch: Moules-frites ~ Belgium
Dinner: Bigos ~ Poland


Breakfast: Wentelteefjes ~ Netherlands
Lunch: Gschwellti ~ Switzerland
Dinner: Lamb chops, colcannon potatoes and carrots ~ Ireland


Breakfast: Koulouri thessalonikis ~ Greece
Lunch: Tuna sandwiches ~ Britain
Dinner: Chicken kiev, potato wedges and salad ~ Ukraine


Breakfast: Bacon pancakes ~ Germany
Lunch: Feijoada a Portuguesa ~ Portugal
Dinner: Pasticada ~ Croatia


Breakfast: Bundas Kenyer ~ Hungary
Lunch: Tortilla de patata ~ Spain
Dinner: Lasagna ~ Italy


Breakfast: Tiroler grostel ~ Austria
Lunch: Ham salad baguette ~ France
Dinner: Goulash ~ Hungary

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