Homemade McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap

Serves 1

Limited McDonald’s menus throughout lockdown and the need for a filling breakfast means that I have been eating far too many of these wraps. So, I thought I would share the recipe to hopefully not feel so guilty for overindulging on them!!

Prep time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes


1 wrap (1 chose a 50/50 wrap)
1 sausage
1 hash brown
1 medium egg
1 rasher of bacon
10g cheddar, sliced
Sauce of your choice (I chose ketchup)


Step One:

Grill one slice of bacon, one sausage and a hash brown.

Also heat oil in a pan and fry your egg.

*TIP: I used a George Foreman but if you don’t have one pop them all under your oven grill. You could also fry the bacon and sausage but the grill helps reduce the amount of fat*

Step Two:

Thinly slice your cheddar and leave on your chopping board.

Once everything is cooked, get it all set up next and ready to fill the wrap.

Step Three:

Chop your sausage in half, your hash brown into 3 slithers and layer into your wrap and cover with ketchup. Then roll your wrap together.


Macronutrients per serving:

CaloriesCarbohydratesProtein Fats

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